Frank Lloyd Wright Residence (1889), Oak Park, Illinois

The Frank Lloyd Wright Residence, 428 Forest Ave., Oak Park, Illinois, was constructed in 1889 and is surfaced with wood shingles. Adjacent to the house on the north, at 951 Chicago Ave., is Wright’s shingles-and-brick studio, constructed in 1898. The Wright Home is the oldest house constructed by the architect that still exists today. It was built for himself and his bride-to-be with money borrowed from his employer, Louis Sullivan.

Frank Lloyd Wright Residence
“Wright took the primary symbol of a home, the sheltering roof, and brought it down low. The solid veranda wall rises up naturally from the ground. In between, the first floor is a narrow, well-protected band, its wall undulating in and out of the shadows cast by the eaves… The entire building fits into its natural surroundings, nestling down under the trees and growing up out of the ground… The overscaled roof, wide front door, and grand steps flanked by piers and flowering urns give the feeling of monumentality without being overbearing.”1

For more about the Frank Lloyd Wright Residence, see: Frank Lloyd Wright Trust.

1The Oak Park Home and Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright ©1998 Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation.

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