Paul R. Hanna Residence, “Honeycomb House,” 1936, Stanford, California

Hanna "Honeycomb House"

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Hanna "Honeycomb House"

The Hanna Residence is a variation of the L-shaped Usonian plan. Based on a hexagonal grid system similar to a honeycomb, the plan allows more flexible interior space than a system based on the square or rectangle.

The house is not a hexagon, but curves around the hillside it rests upon. Walls are set at 120-degree angles which are much more open than the 90-degree angles found in typical residential structures.

Plan for Honeycomb House

Easily assembled or disassembled, the non-masonry walls of the house permit flexible alteration of interior space.

The Hanna Residence is located in Stanford CA. Stanford University maintains the residence.

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